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Sites within The Dairy at Hilton may be secured by signature of a Reservation Agreement, on the following basis:


  1. A Reservation Agreement is signed relating to the future purchase of a particular site at a confirmed price.
  2. The “Purchaser” retains the right to withdraw until being notified by the “Seller” that the condition precedent, the issuing of the SPLUMA Section 53 certificate by the Municiplaity, has been met.  This follows the completion of the installation of services and other infrastructure.  At this point, the Agreement converts to a binding Sale Agreement.
  3. On signature of the Reservation Agreement, the “Purchaser” is required to pay a deposit of R10 000 into the TMJ Attorneys Trust Account (TMJ will provide the account details on receipt of the signed agreement).  This deposit is fully refundable should the “Purchaser” elect to withdraw prior to the section 53 being issued.  Once the agreement becomes a Sale Agreement, the deposit will form part of the overall payment for a property.



For further information, or to discuss reserving a site, please contact us at the Gwens Stream Estates office.

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